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I'm Heather. I am a 21 year old stay at home mom and wife. My husband, Kevin, is in the United States Coast Guard and we are currently stationed at the black hole of America, also known as Upstate NY. Hayden was born May 26, 2009 and that's the day our lives changed for the better.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who told him to grow?

Wellll, where to begin?

Kevin is finally home from what seemed like a VERY long weekend. I get bored too easily and I need hobbies, haha!

Last night, we had Army Wives night with Heather and Devin. Fun as always! Love those girls! We also got to talk about Lindsey's baby shower some. Super excited about that!

Today, Kevin didn't get home until closer to 1PM. We just hung out until dinner. I made fried chicken, augratin potatoes, and cheese and garlic biscuits. Then we took Hayden to the park, which was fun as always. Hayden is way too adventurous for me to keep up with him!

We also had to put Hayden in a toddler bed today. We realized that he is capable of climbing out of his crib and I'm not too fond of the idea of him falling out while trying to climb out. So, he is now in a toddler bed. So far, so good. The cat is even sleeping with him for a change!

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