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I'm Heather. I am a 21 year old stay at home mom and wife. My husband, Kevin, is in the United States Coast Guard and we are currently stationed at the black hole of America, also known as Upstate NY. Hayden was born May 26, 2009 and that's the day our lives changed for the better.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Small Update On Us!

I am guessing he was scared of Elmo!
Kevin at work :)

Well, Hayden is growing EVER so quickly. He is already 7 weeks old and goes on the 28th for his 2 month appointment to get FIVE shots :( Kevin has finally decided he wants to do EMT, more than likely starting in August. It is a 6 month course apparently and since we are here in NY on an extention of his enlistment, he can cancel his enlistment ANYTIME and we can be outta here and back home settling down! So yeah, he is getting out of the Coast Guard. We are both ready for the transition and I for one can't wait. I am ready to be closer to our families.

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